The copywriting Gig You've Been Dreaming of . . . 
Apply to write for Moxie Copywriting Today

Are you an experienced Direct Response Writer looking for consistent work, great pay and the opportunity to sharpen your skills & build a killer portfolio?

Do you love writing Facebook Ads, Landing Pages and Emails that convert like wildfire?

. . . If the answer is "YES," watch this short video below and apply today!

Why write for Moxie? We're glad you asked . . . 
  • Consistent Work - no more wondering where your next gig will come from 
  • Competitive Pay - all writers are paid per project every two weeks 
  • Flexibility - work any time, anywhere as long as you have a laptop
  • Less Stress - zero client communication required, meaning we send you all the details you need to write each project ​
  • ​Ongoing Training - we provide detailed feedback for each project as well as top-level training on all things Direct Response 
*Disclosure: All applicants must provide recent examples of their work and be willing to complete a few small spec tests to be considered.

A few requirements . . . 

  • *English must be your first language (non-negotiable) 
  • Provide a polished portfolio of recent work 
  • Be available for multiple projects at any given time 
  • ​Are able to handle quick turnarounds and hit deadlines
  • ​Respond quickly to project assignments (4 hours or less) 
  • Be an over-communicator. Ghost, you're toast! 
  • Deliver excellent work 
  • ​Be receptive to project feedback 

This is NOT for you if . . . 

  • You're brand new to copywriting 
  • You don't have a portfolio 
  • Are only available for 1-2 projects a week 
  • ​Don't handle constructive feedback well 
  • ​Have a hard time following guidelines 
  • ​Can't communicate quickly or frequently with our team 
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